Whatever the reason you run, Run2B can help you with everything from getting started to achieving the most ambitious running goals.

About me...

My name is Steve Read. I was born in 1967 and before I started running at 21, I was an overweight, heavy drinking smoker. Running introduced me to new friends and a new lifestyle that had such an impact, I was totally hooked and have run ever since. 
As a member of Enfield and Harringey Athletic Club, I worked hard and was rewarded with a County title over 10km on the road and a personal best of 31'52", as the most memorable highlight. 
Whilst I had the guidance of an excellent coach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the rest of the time I created my own sessions and effectively self coached, experimenting with all sorts of methods and combinations of training techniques. 
Now I am looking to use this experience, coupled with official coaching qualifications, to help as many people as I can enjoy the amazing benefits of running as part of their lifestyle. I do this through group and 121 coaching, residential running weeks and arranging race events.
Please have a browse around the website and checkout our facebook page too, If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch.
  1. Who can Run?
    Running is one of the most natural things that our bodies were designed to do - If we keep walking faster and faster, at some stage we naturally break into a running style. It doesn't matter whether we can only keep that up for 100 yards or 100 miles - you're still a runner.
  2. Health benefits...
    Running is one of the most effective ways of maintaining our own personal ideal body weight. When not undertaken to extreme levels, it can also help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
  3. Mind benefits...
    Running is also believed to generate a greater sense of personal self worth and also allow us the personal space and time to clear our minds and contemplate.
  4. Social benefits
    Unless we turn to running solely for the solitude of the lonesome long distance runs, then running will definitely introduce us to new people, either at competitive events, running group training or meeting people when out on runs.
  5. Economics of running...
    Running, like any sport, can be as expensive as we want to make it. Equally it has a greater ability to be something we can enjoy with little expense. It is worth investing in a good pair of running shoes but beyond that, if we don't race, or need other support, it is largely free.
  6. Competition...
    The greatest competition is with ourselves - there is no greater feeling than setting a new personal best (PB). We can also find ample opportunity to test ourselves against others, with everything from parkrun to Olympic finals
  1. Run2B
    Make today the day you decide to take your running to the next step
  2. Run2B
    Group training can help provide support and motivation to improve
  3. Run2B
    Running - freedom to take to any terrain at any time
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    Track - Road - Trail - Beach - Grass - All terrains

Even if you've never run a step - the best place to start is where you are now - make today the day you decide to be a runner