Services on offer at Run2B

...Here you will find details of all the services I offer
You'll find everything from group running sessions through to laser focussed 121 coaching
Group Sessions
Pricing of Group Sessions
There are 3 choices...
(i) Pay as you go - £4 per session 
(ii) Book 10 or more Individual Credits (IC) at once for £30 per 10 
(iii) Book 10 or more Family Credits (FC) at once for £50 per 10 - allows as many members of one family to come at once per credit.
Credits can be used any time and have no expiry date

Group sessions are at set days, locations and times each week and will be structured for either...
(i) All abilities
(ii) Beginners or
(iii) Advanced 
To find out where your nearest group is that suits your ability please click on the "locations of groups" link in the "more" dropdown menu at the top of the website.
Group sessions are a great opportunity to meet new people and work together 
121 - personal sessions
Price of 121 sessions

Full hour - £20

40 minutes (more suited for beginners) - £15 
121 - personal sessions really are for you to tailor to your specific requirements - These are a minimum of an hour and can include any one or a mixture of objectives and activities.  These sessions can be used to focus on technique and agility, balance and coordination too (all important for the runner).
Examples of what may be included in a 121...
  • Accompanied run or interval session
  • Review of training plans and advice and guidance 
  • Cross Training Activities
  • Goal Setting
  • Help with setting your own training plan
  • Helping fit more time into your lifestyle for running
  • Help with positive mindset approach
  • Help with breathing
Training plans
Price of training plans
Plans are written and delivered in 2 week segments and are priced at £10 per 2 weeks.
Having a training plan takes the guesswork out of training and allows us to plan our running around our lifestyle. A plan will have a systematic approach to allow incremental improvement each week. 

These plans include specific interval  sessions, long runs, tempo runs, planned to get the most effective results for the athlete

Plans can be created for every distance from the mile to marathon.
When writing a plan I'll take time to understand the times when you can train each week, the days when you can put in a lot of time and the days when you'll only be able to put in a short effort. The plan will then be created with your specific goals in mind. 

Anyone following a plan has full telephone/text/email support throughout 24/7
Video Analysis 
Video Analysis pricing
£30 for first video and comments

£25 for follow ups
A 2 minute piece of video will be prepared that shows you running at jogging pace and at high speed from several angles. 

This will include slow motion shots, which you can keep for personal self analysis 
I will also provide comment around technique and suggest ways that any effective corrections might be made. However, sometimes when we have the opportunity to see these for ourselves we can be more mindful and make corrections ourselves.

It's an idea to repeat the exercise periodically to measure improvements in technique.
Small group sessions
Price of small group sessions
2 = £10 each
3 = £7 each
4 = £5 each
5+ =  £4 each
If you wan t to get together with friends or work colleagues and arrange an ad hoc (or regular) small group session I can set these up to suit your particular requirements.
You may be looking for a guided group run or a specific interval session or cross training activity. Whatever you're looking for these small group sessions are your opportunity to have an hour shaped to your specific requirements.
Coaching by text
Price for coaching by text
£2 per session - sign up for 10 sessions at a time

An athlete profile is completed before commencement of coaching and can be completed by phone or email questionaire. 
Need inspiration but cannot get to a group session and don't want to follow a longer term plan then coaching by text may be the answer.....
  • A personal session is created for you and texted to your mobile (or emailed)
  • Text back when you've done it, how it went and when you can next train
  • Next session is texted over and is personalised based upon your feedback
  • Great for working towards a goal
  • Keeps the training fresh as you don't know what your next session is until you've completed the last one
  • Great for motivation
  • low cost