?What is my approach to running coaching
We all run for different reasons, which is why I themed my coaching "who are you running to be?" (Run2B) - You may be running to be the fastest, to be lighter, to be happier, to be able to keep up with your children or just to be healthy. Whatever the reason you want to run, I look to be able to keep you on track all the way so that running plays a part of your life consistently and effectively.
More specifically, I use the mile distance as the barometer of goal setting and improvement monitoring. Even as a complete beginner we should be able to cover a mile, even if it is a walk/run combination. The mile time we achieve can then be upscaled to provide a very accurate indicator of potential at other distances which is very relevant to those with personal race time goals in mind.  It can also be used to help with motivating all runners as progression is made through the Mile barriers.
Using the mile time, I split group training into similar abilities so we may have the sub5, sub6 and sub7 milers working together on one session while the sub8, sub9 and sub10 do another. Beginners will progress to achieving their first mile benchmark and then very quickly be working with people of their own ability. 
Some of the more bespoke group sessions would focus very tightly on a group, such as say sub6 and these sessions allow athletes at the sharper end to benefit from group training with closely matched athletes.
Similarly a sub9 and sub10 group guided run is going to suit runners who like the thought that everyone is similar ability and they are not going to be holding the group up. 
When we move into more focussed 121 training, I look to work with the framework that the runner already has in place. You may already be a member of a running club and taking part in group training 3 days a week but looking for more effective workouts for the other days. You may find that the club runs are either over challenging or under challenging and looking for something that fits more closely with your current ability. Whatever your current set up I am happy to discuss how I may be able to structure something to add value. In 121 sessions we can also spend time looking at technique, agility, balance and coordination and give consideration to improving these and overall strength with the aim of being a more effective runner.
On this website you'll find links to "Run2B running events" and "Run2B residential running trips" - I am building a series of race events throughout the year which will be a combination of road/trail events over various distances. There will be self navigation events and straight races. Additionally I arrange residential running trips to Normandy where I'll lead sessions for the period and provide food, accommodation and travel, so all you need to think about is running.